Dog Health Issues: Importance of Dog’s Check Up


This will present your pet the opportunity to spot any possible dog health issues and, hopefully, scatter them in the bud before they get serious.

Regular health assessments will even help you maintain your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date, allow you to correctly consider your pet and help set your mind at ease any difficulties.
General dog health

You take your four-legged buddy to the vet if they are hurt or sick, but those appointments tend to concentrate mainly on one specific matter.

Ideally, your veterinarian should understand your puppy at least once each year and more often as they get older or if they have particular medical needs. These routine visits play a massive role in the prevention is better than cure’ strategy; so do not hold off making the appointment simply as your dog appears fit and healthy for you. Your veterinarian will assess over your dog, such as listening to their lungs and heart, running their hands over their stomach to check for any unusual signals, assessing for skin/coat, ear and eye issues and scanning their microchip to find out whether it is all in working order.

Another benefit of those yearly check-ups is to get your puppy used to see the vet operation when they are well. If they see when they are hurt or ill, that they may get nervous about visiting the vet, linking their excursions with reduced times or stressful encounters. It is a fantastic idea to pop in the vet clinic every so often, even if you don’t have a scheduled appointment. The receptionists and vet nurses will always love a cuddle, and it’ll produce a positive memory for your pet.

Microchipping is crucial and, out of 2016, will be mandatory in the UK. Ideally, you need to do it whenever your pet is a pup before you begin taking them out for walks, but in case you have not had your pet microchipped. However, it is never too late. The process is practically pain-free, and it’ll reassure you that if your puppy does decide to drift off, they may be safely returned to you by whoever finds them.


Your vet must send you a reminder as soon as your pet’s vaccinations are caused or supply you with a puppy vaccination program that will assist you in maintaining up-to-date. If you intend to take your puppy overseas, you’ll also require a rabies vaccination as part of this set Passport’ strategy. To learn more on taking your pet abroad, read our post on travelling with your puppy.

Another circumstance where avoidance is far better than cure is that the management of fleas, ticks and worms. Bear in mind that pests, or their creatures, can live yearlong in your home and backyard and ticks may transmit horrible diseases. Your veterinarian will advise you on flea and tick prevention in addition to the way you’re able to stay away from tape and roundworm and if needed, lungworm. Our webpage on fixing fleas, ticks and other parasites onto your dog may provide you with more in-depth info.

Behaviour treatment and avoidance

Take advantage of your dog’s yearly evaluation as a chance to explore any abnormal or unsociable behaviour in your pet’s displaying such as excessive barking, chewing or biting your shoes the moment your back is turned. These can typically be handled if they are captured in the early phases. Your vet might have the ability to provide you with some useful methods or refer you to a trained behaviourist. If your dog is a pup, your veterinarian might also have the ability to let you know about reputable dog grooming courses in the area you can join.


When you are considering how to look after your pet, one of the first things that you want to think about is neutering. If you have taken on a grownup dog, there is a fantastic possibility they will have been already but if you have got a pup or an un-neutered elderly dog to your vet may tell you about the health benefits of neutering and provide you all of the info that you want on aftercare (such as diets) to maintain your pet as healthy and happy as you can.

Your vet may also have a fantastic look in your pet’s teeth to choose whether they want cleaning and, if so, when. Dental care is especially critical in elderly dogs because dental disease can’t just result in pain but may also result in problems with their inner organs as a result of the nasty germs the ailments can cause. This dental hygiene is also a fantastic time to go over your home teeth, regularly cleaning with your veterinarian. For more in-depth advice on looking after your pet’s pearly whites, then read our site on caring for your pet’s teeth.

If your pet is obese, there are lots you can do to assist. By way of instance, speak with your vet about a diet and workout program or figure out if your veterinary clinic runs a weight reduction strategy. Equally, you do not want your puppy to become underweight, therefore, if your puppy has lost weight because they were weighed, discuss this with your veterinarian as it might be an indication of a health issue.

Senior dogs

Much like most people, dogs have a tendency to acquire a few more aches and pains as they get old, which means that your veterinarian may recommend more regular check-ups. That is nothing to be concerned about; actually, it only means that your vet is maintaining a fantastic close eye on your pet. It is possible to make use of these check-ups to acquire valuable vet suggestions for your pet.

Mention any issues you have noticed, however modest, or some other lumps and bumps you would like another opinion on. If your veterinarian is worried, they may suggest taking a urine or blood sample to find out whether there are some underlying issues. It is the ideal opportunity to speak about your pet’s food and water consumption, their activity levels and any problems you have. The same as individuals, senior dogs may suffer from several organ system issues, osteoarthritis, loss of eyesight or hearing loss, and even memory loss or dementia. Fortunately, many problems can be successfully managed with drugs or simple adjustments to their lifestyle.

With routine check-ups and their usual dose of TLC in you, your pet must live a fulfilling long life with you.

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