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There are many unspoken and often unrecognized heroes within our professions whose contributions have enabled all of us who love dogs to benefit from their life’s vocation and dedication to dogs.

The IACP Canine Professional Hall of Fame is unique in that it is the first known and established an award to recognize these ‘heroes’.

Edi Munneke had the coveted record, still unbeaten, of getting the only puppy to score 39 perfect binding scores in Rusty her Golden. At 80, she chose to quit judging because the walking and bending were slowing her down… She wrote the Dog World Obedience pillar for 32 decades. (1968-1995.) She’s now 97. As a schoolteacher, Edi was well aware of learning theory and realised the theory difference between people and dogs.

Edi helped form the UKC’s obedience principles and judged that the very initial UKC obedience trial.

For years she was sent the AKC obedience regulations to check more than before they went to press. “I spent my life making things right,” Edi explained. A lifetime hard worker she was interested in the results than the accolades. She often worked in the background and felt she was responsible for the AKC finally permitting a woman to become delegates. The Ladies Kennel Association even had a male representative. A female spokesperson seemed. Edi claims of the AKC.

Mrs Munneke has composed for Front and Finish and for seven years has been the Golden Retriever Club of America’s obedience columnist.

Edi was chosen the president of the Golden Retriever Club of America to the same day another president has been sworn in:

Gerald Ford, August 9, 1974. Ford substituted Nixon when Nixon resigned. She managed to get elected more times compared to the unelected President Ford. The GRCA has two year periods for president. Ford did three years, and Edi did. Entire elections won for President: Edi 2, Gerald 0. Separate and aside from that task, she re-wrote that the DWAA constitution since she understood it had been in shambles.

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