Tips for a Pregnant Dog

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If you are wondering just what to feed a pregnant dog, then you are not alone — many dog owners ask this question! It is essential to know that organic adult-formula dog food will not offer the additional nutrients she needs throughout her pregnancy, and that means you will want to generate some diet changes to help her understand what she wants from her meals.

Gradually change your puppy back to a high-quality puppy formula before mating, introducing her over 7-10 days to prevent upsetting her belly. She must remain with this new formulation until after she’s given birth, along with her dogs are weaned.

Everything you need to feed your pet will also be contingent on your body ailment and some other medical issues she might now have or has had in the past, so be sure to consult your veterinarian before changing her meals.

When caring for a pregnant woman, regular walks can keep her strength up, so she is primed and prepared for the coming of her small ones! Steer clear of some intensive training, demonstrating, or perhaps obedience instruction through during pregnancy since this could be stressful, and lumps or knocks to your own entire body from unruly dogs could damage her furry dogs.

Walking is an excellent way to assist expectant mums stay healthy, which will make her more effective at managing labour and birth. Attempt to maintain walks briefer but more routine through her pregnancy, as a mother will almost certainly become somewhat uncomfortable and exhausted as her pregnancy continues. Aim for three to five short walks per day.


As mums pass immunity to their dogs through their milk, your puppy should ideally be current with all her vaccines before breeding, to ensure her antibody levels are at their peak.

In case your pet’s vaccinations are late while pregnant, talk to your veterinarian. Some vaccines may be utilised when she’s pregnant. However, you’ll have to check that is secure for both mother and her pet dogs.


A significant part of pregnant dog care is ongoing to keep up with her flea and flea treatments.

Mum can pass roundworms and hookworms on her unborn dogs, so stay secure and care for your pet with goods which are safe to use when pregnant. Talk about this with your vet, since the dogs can also need frequently worming during their first two or three weeks.

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